These are examples of expectant mothers who have shared their journey with others.

Thanks for everything that you have done for me.  It has been a tough decision for both the birth father and myself, but since we already have one little girl we just feel that we can not parent another child.  I wanted to ask the parents to make sure to send pictures and letters as to how she is doing in years to come. She looks so much like my other daughter.  I could tell the adoptive couple was a little nervous around me because I know they think I might back out.

I will not back out because I know this is best for my child, and also I know that I chose the right couple.  I would never want to see their happiness go away.

Thanks again, B

Making the decision to place my baby for adoption was the hardest decision I have ever had to make.  Thank goodness for adoption.  The whole experience peaceful and wholesome.  She offered guidance that later proved to be invaluable.  It was recommended that I didn’t make a decision in one of my emotional states that later proved the wisdom and concern that was displayed.  I would recommend  Babies “R” Blessings to my family or friends.  They was truly a blessing.  (Trish)

The decision to place my child for adoption was hard, but I knew it was necessary.  I was unable to take care of myself much less another child.  From the minute I contact Susan, I knew that she was someone who could be trusted.   Babies “R” Blessings helped provide me with a couple.   (C)

Our decision to place was one of necessity.  We were getting a divorce and neither one of us were able to take care of another child.  I was going on the road with a new job, and my wife was unable to take care of our 4 year old and another child.  I looked  around and saw several other sites, and when I found  Babies “R” Blessings, I knew this site was the one.  Within days we had a wonderful couple that had been waiting a long time to have a baby. Babies “R” Blessings  is great. (J)

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