Question: Do I need a home study to buy a link ad?
Answer: No, but it is certainly advised to be in the process.
Question: Will I find an expectant birthmother if I buy a link ad?
Answer: It is never known if or when for adoptive couples who are seeking to adopt a baby. For those adoptive couples who will be open to age or race differences other than what  your want the waiting time may be shorter.
Question: Do you get proof of pregnancy before considering a birthmother?
Answer: Yes, you should
Question: Should we  provide counseling for the birth mother?
Answer: Yes,  counseling is a cost that adopting parents should
Question: Do I need an attorney?
Answer: Yes, you will need to be represented by an attorney.
Question: Where do you advertise your website?
Answer: Our sites are seen nationwide.
Question: Since you are located in California, do you work with adoptive couples outside of California?
Answer: Yes, we provide link ad advertising to adoptive couples all over the United States.
Question: How many couples usually advertise on your sites?
Answer: We usually have about 60 adoptive couples at a time.
Question: Do you have any favorite books on adoption that you can recommend?
Answer: There are many good books on adoption, but my very favorite is The Idiot's Guide to Adoption.
Question: What is the process after we order a link ad with you?
Answer: We set you link ads with a photo in 6 categories that help attract expectant mothers interested in adoption. We can make changes to the text and photo as per your request. There is no charge.
Question: How do we begin our adoption journey with you?
Answer: Our Link advertising can be found at our secure site at  , There you can select the link advertising that fits your budget and needs.
Question: Am I able to meet adopting parents online?
Answer: Yes
Question: What is the difference between open and closed adoption?

An open adoption is where the adoptive parents have contact with the birth mom or you desire  to have letters and/or pictures sent to you periodically. This is your decision only.

A closed adoption is where you absolutely have no contact with the adoptive parents. You can still request pictures or letters but you can do that through me if you do not feel comfortable with them knowing your address.

Question: How do I choose the adoptive couple?
Answer: You can search adoptive parents who are interested in adoption in 6 categories at Dear Birthmother Letters at   For instance, some birth moms want the adoptive couples to be a certain religion or live in a certain state.
Question: What is my cost?
Answer: There are no fees that you have to pay.
Question: Are living expenses paid?
Answer: Yes, it depends on the amount and what state the adoptive couples live in.  Some states do not allow the couple to pay living expenses.
Question: What type of information do I have to give?
Answer: You have to show proof of pregnancy.
Question: Do I have to go to an attorney's office?
Answer: No, in most cases the paperwork can be forwarded to you for your signature.
Question: Do I have to go to court?
Answer: No
Question: Is it possible for me to receive counseling?
Answer: Yes, it is probable and recommended. We know this is a very stressful time for you and we want you to get all the necessary help you need.
Question: What do I have to do to start the search for an adoptive couple?
Answer: Go to Dear Birthmother Letters at 

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